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  The Ballantine Gates “


Forest Hill is located on a ridge between the Passaic River and the valley of the Branch BrookForest Hill is a section within the city of Newark in Essex County New Jersey the neighborhood is well Preserved and home to a few Historical and homes, “The Castle “ The Ballantine Gates “ Forest Hill Presbyterian Church and has been the home of notable residents like Robert Altenkich, Peter Ballantine, Louis Comfort Tiffany, William Hayes, etc, the Northern part of the neighborhood is part of the official Historical District, the west part is bound by  Branch Brook Park, home of the cherry blossom festival every year.

The neighborhood is well preserved and maintained, and few of the historic homes have been torn down, renovated into apartments, or transferred to institutional use. The northern part of the neighborhood is part of an official historic district. During special times throughout the year, there are special tours made possible by the New Jersey Historical Society where homeowners open their homes to visitors.

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