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    The name “Ironbound” is derived from the hefty iron industry in Newark along with the network of railroad tracks that border the neighborhood. The Ironbound section of Newark is part of the East Ward. This section is divided into two distinct areas, North Ironbound and South Ironbound.

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South Ironbound is mainly an industrial area that is up and coming with newer residential constructions, this area is also home to the Newark International Airport.

North Ironbound consists of a unique community with a large working-class composed of multi-ethnic individuals. The area beautifully curves on the side of the Passaic River and is conveniently located east of Newark Penn Station and near downtown Newark, close to Prudential Center, home of the New Jersey Devils. Ferry Street, being its commercial Hub easily can find Cafe's Restaurants, and Bakeries  & Ironbound Business Improvement District, Recreational Parks, Independence Park, Riverfront Park, Riverbank Park, Peter Francisco Park is located just outside of Penn Station in Newark, New Jersey, Ironbound Recreational Center 

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The Ironbound was an industrial neighborhood in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Workers at Benjamin Moore paints, Ballantine Beer, the Murphy Varnish Company, and Conmar Zippers lived next to railroad and port workers. The neighborhood was also home to Hensler's Beer Brewery and Pride of Newark beer by the Feigenspan Brewery. The Ironbound was poorer than was the rest of Newark at that time.

   The Ironbound mainly used to consist of Italians, Polish, Portuguese, and Spaniard Immigrants, as time went on many Italian, and Polish immigrants moved out of the Ironbound. With four square miles populated in large part by Portuguese, Spanish, and Latin American immigrants and their descendants, the Ironbound has the intimacy and hustle of a European market town.

Today this area is a major destination for shopping, dining, and exciting nightlife, easy NYC Commute

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